The InputError Award for Game of the Year 2016

“The final award of the year…”

PES 2017

Me Sir?

Lumpy applause.

“For the last time tonight, your nominees are: -”

“The Winner is…”


Happy applause.



The unfinished Rimworld gave me so many stories, even now it brings a smile to think of them.

Special mention to XCom 2, which devoured my life till I completed it. A sequel that improved on the original in every way, but I’ve not been able to return to it.

There were many great games this year, it’s foolish to claim one is better then the rest. All of the above and more are worthy. All of them viable dependant on your mood.

2016 has been a great year for computer games.

“It’s finally over. Good work everyone. Have a good Xmas and New Year. Be on your way now and I’ll see you in 2017.”