The InputError Award for The Good Things of 2016

“Despite popular opinion good things happened in 2016”

Shaky applause.

flloyds allotmant

“I got dat muddafuckin’ trowel money!”

“Your bloody nominees are: -”

“The Winner is…”

I went to new york this year, that was good. dunno about you. i’m sure something nice happened in your life.

Slow clap applause.

Trump H 1

Glorious Hair

“I did decorate the spare room this year, he’s right you know, it wasn’t all bad, least not for us.”

Fuck society and it’s miserable ways. Fuck Trump, shite blockbuster films, the name “Brexit” which sounds like a laxative, everyone taking an interest in politics all of a sudden, the media, corrupted sports, dead celebs, the rise of fascism, the new cold war, the nuclear arms race and the growing poverty and elitism.