satellite reign

Satellite Reign – 4 Player Co-op

Once upon a time, back in the heady days of March, I spouted word gibberish about my love for Satellite Reign. It was in fact, the 2nd review eva’ round these parts. What a golden era that was.

Satellite Reign was a modernised Syndicate, in which 4 agents ran around the street mowing down civilians with a mini-gun. Yes, it was a delight. You can have a little read about Satellite Reign here, or look at a picture of original 90’s hit game…. here.


I love the smell of mini-gun in the morning.

You can even read more on co-op…. wait for it…. here.

More Boy?!


Pokémon GO: Initial thoughts

The worlds gone crazy for those Pokémon things. Wait… Maybe the world hasn’t. Maybe the press has gone crazy for those Pokémon things. It does make for a pleasant distraction from the constant horror of this world. So much horror.

What follows is a collection of thoughts from your friends at Inputerror. What do we make of Niantic’s smash hit walking around simulator?



Preacher – The Last Preachering: Part 3


We have entered a somewhat dreary mid-point, can they pull it back? Let’s take one last final look at Preacher, as there’s little more to say about the show. That’s not a good sign.

I very much suspect the show will end with a big-bash-boosh of a tarty ending. So let’s all assume we’re all happy at the end and looking forward to the next series, which would, no doubt, be bigger and better.

You can read excitable gibberish about episodes 1 and 2 here, and less excitable nonsense on episodes 3 & 4 here.

It’s still mostly-spoiler free cos nothings fucking happened.



Pokeman Go: Disturbing News

Nintendo have done it again. Share prices skyrocket, fatally injured children and people are once again collecting things, in a slightly mentally-unwell way.EXCLUSIVE

Hit mobile game Pokémon GO (also known as “The Poke-mans” by the elderly) has taken the world by storm but we can exclusively reveal yet another damaging news story amidst it’s dark underbelly.

What dark underbelly you say? Oh…. wouldn’t you like to know.

Be warned. The following could chill you to the bone.

Click to reveal!

BulbBoy header

Bulb Boy


An incredibly short game deserves a brief review with humourless tagline. We’ve no time for this. C’mon, chop chop. On with it. 

Wait… Just how short is Bulb Boy? it took me 98 minutes to save the day and I’d admit, I was in no rush to get to the end. Now I’ve conquered the world and stood upon its flaming ground, beating my chest, I instantly knew in my heart(s) I’d never return. Not even for a trophy or achievement, such is the nature of the point and click adventure game. Especially one without any apparent hidden depths.

Wanna look at some pretty pictures and skip to the score? Yeah, go for it mate.


Stikbold! – A Dodgeball Adventure


Remember that film? Ya’ know, the one with pretty much the same name? Had that actor in it? You know the one, has a head shaped out of haunted Brie. This is a computer game, based on the sport dodgeball, which is a bit like that film. Got that? Good.

Stikbold looks rather silly doesn’t it, go on, go have a look at the pictures… I’ll wait. Makes sense when the sport’s based around throwing weighty objects at children’s heads. Excellent, we can all get behind that concept.

Let’s find ou- *SMACK* “Ooooofff! You bastard.”


Detectives in front of shops

Review of every consultant detective show ever

Detective shows are great aren’t they? Everyone likes clever-dicks working through clues and making up a load of ol’ twaddle.

Do you know what’s better than a police detective?

Yes, that’s right, a smug consultant showing the incompetent police how it’s done.

Let’s enter the nosy, busy-body world of top notch amateur sleuthing. They don’t play by the rules, they don’t know the rules.

Insert the finest tobacco into your favoured pipe, as we review every single one of these shows ever! At the end we’ll decide which one is the best!

Follow the evidence